B2B Meetings


B2B Meetings

The B2B Sessions offer an opportunity for companies and businesses from Nigeria to meet with their French Counterpart.

We are working closely with trade organizations and chambers of commerce in France and Nigeria to ensure that the right companies participate at the B2B Sessions.

The B2B team will work to ensure that information is communicated before the event such that companies participating are aware of the companies they could meet and are prepared accordingly to make the best of the meetings to discuss concrete opportunities, and better still set the necessary discussions for partnership deals to be signed. The B2B Matchmaking program is result oriented, and seeks to provide an opportunity for partnership and collaborations between companies participating.


The objectives of this session are:

▪ Provide a platform for companies from Nigeria to meet with counterpart companies from France who are seeking for partnerships to collaborate on specific opportunities.

▪ Provide a platform for companies from Nigeria to meet with potential investors for specific project and business opportunities.

Target Audience

i. Companies and investors from Nigeria who are seeking for investments and strategic partnership with French Companies in order to expand their businesses and implement new projects and business opportunities.

ii. Companies and Investors from France seeking for partners and investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Our preference is for the representatives of the companies to be either the CEO or a top executive from the companies.