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Fund Raising and Investments


Fund Raising and Investments


Given its strong growth and the emergence of its middle class, sub-Saharan Africa arouses great interest from several international investors. However, for such investment opportunities to have a sustainable impact on the economic development of the continent, SMEs’ effective participation is essential and remains a major issue.
Providing SMEs with appropriate financing solutions is a priority, and it is of paramount importance for SMEs to understand the profile of fund providers and what can make the fundraising process successful.
This session seeks to provide Founders and CEOs of SMEs a platform to:

  • Understand how fund providers make investment decisions.
  • Understand the specificities of the different fund providers.
  • Identify the key factors for successful fundraising processes.

The session is targeted at Nigerian Companies who are interested in accessing growth funds to expand their existing business and operations. The session is also targeted at French and European Companies who are interested in doing business in Nigeria and other parts of Africa and who are interested in raising funds to expand their businesses in the African market.

The round table will be very interactive and participating Companies will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas related to accessing the relevant funding to grow and expand their businesses.