Nigeria stands on the threshold of what could be the greatest transformation in the history of the African continent. Currently the largest economy on the African continent, it is projected by the UN to become the 3rd most populous country in the world by 2050 ahead of the United States of America. Nigeria is a country that cannot be overlooked because of its demographic and economic potentials.

Investing in Nigeria requires more than just rhetorics. A thorough understanding of sector specific opportunities, good awareness of the local environment, and having the right local partners are important factors that give a formidable leverage to maximize the opportunities and mitigate the risks.

This year’s event (which is the third edition) is happening at a very auspicious time in the history of the relationship that France and Nigeria share. During the year, specifically in the month of July, the French president Emmanuel Macron will be going to Nigeria for the first time since he came into office and he is scheduled to meet with the Nigerian president and also address the joint chamber of the National Assembly, alongside other meetings. There has also been several visits by the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to France since he resumed office as President, the recent one being in November 2017.

Spotlight Nigeria 2018 seeks to further consolidate the outcome of these interactions by ensuring that the cordial bilateral relations between both countries  snowball into concrete business transactions and projects between companies from both countries.

A number of Agreements are scheduled to be announced and signed during the Spotlight Nigeria 2018. There will be a number of case studies presented of successful partnerships between French Companies and Nigerian Companies on concrete projects. These companies will be participating to share their stories.

DayMain Event
Thursday (4th October 2018)-Conference and Exhibition
- Cocktail
Friday (5th October 2018)- B2B Match-making and Round-table sessions