Spotlight Nigeria is the foremost event in France for Companies, Business Leaders and Investors interested in investment and business opportunities in Nigeria; attracting participants from all over Europe and Nigeria, including top executives, business leaders, and reputable organizations.

The event offers a platform for Companies and Business Leaders from Nigeria and France to discuss concrete business and project opportunities for mutual benefits.

● Put your company at the fore-front of France-Nigeria business and economic relations.
● Have unparalleled access to Leaders from the private and public sectors from France and
Nigeria who will be participating at this event.
● Leverage on the strong media partnerships which the Spotlight Nigeria conference offers to
promote your company
● Gain firsthand access to investment opportunities in Nigeria before they reach the public.
● Explore partnership opportunities with reputable companies attending the event
● Promote your company as a leader in its specific industry and as the right partner to other
companies participating

Based upon your needs and preferences, we can design a sponsorship category that is best suited to your objectives and which gives your company maximum visibility at the event.

Please get in touch with us today to know more: contact@friendsofnigeria.net.
Or call +33 7 58 68 37 71, +33 6 99 73 31 35, +33 6 20 57 88 44


Thank you to all our Sponsors, Partners and delegates that participated at the Spotlight Nigeria Business Forum, Paris 2019

Please see the link below for event images.

See you at the Spotlight Nigeria 2020!!!